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Friday, September 8, 2017 at 2:00 pm (EST)- A Boomer Advantage Guide To Implementing Workflow For The Lean CPA

Overview: In today’s competitive marketplace what makes your firm successful is its unique combination of staff, institutional knowledge and business processes. Your firm needs to maximize output while maintaining near perfect quality. This is not only necessary to remaining competitive but equally important to allow time to focus on higher level services and showing the value your firm adds to clients’ businesses. Ultimately this will lead to more fulfilled staff, more engaged clients, better opportunity identification, and growth.

The combination of lean and automated workflow is a huge contributing factor to realizing this success. Lean eliminates waste, workflow gives you full visibility and automation, together they give you the insight and understanding to better leverage your employees, to engage your clients and to grow your business.

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August 13 – 17: 2017 Boomer Technology Circles Summit

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December 3 – 5 : IT Alliance Fall Collaborative

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