Why Your CIO Needs a Seat at the Executive Table

In the past, I’ve written about the benefits that a good CIO can bring to your accounting firm, however just having a “CIO” isn’t enough. Between the cloud, mobile accounting and the development of specialized software, the landscape of accounting has changed significantly over the last 5 years. With the introduction of AI, Big Data,… Read More

An Engagement Letter Is More Than Just A Contract

    Unfortunately, many accountants see engagement letters as a waste of time or just an extra step in their current process.  However, as Sarah Beckett Ferenece perfectly puts it in her article, “Just as a seat belt helps mitigate the risk of bodily injury, using a well-crafted engagement letter may help mitigate the risk… Read More

Build A Better Audit Today!

Many CPA firms want to move beyond the generic capabilities of off the shelf audit methodologies. As the market become more competitive and the need to drive efficiencies more acute, these solutions fall well short of delivering the value in two key areas: Despite being off the shelf, these solutions lack the capabilities to create… Read More

Time To Be Inspired

Inspiration is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Inspiration can fill us with a new zest for what’s ahead and can allow us the insight and vision to tackle a current problem, issue or situation. On some days you can be inspired by simply walking… Read More

Building A Successful CPA Firm In Today’s Environment

  Blockchain, AI and the potential commoditization of tax and audit work continue to dominate the headlines in many of our Accounting publications. In order to stay ahead of the pack, accounting professionals will need to focus on offering expert advice and insight while strengthening customer relationships. How can this be done? As the recent article… Read More

Why Clients Decide To Leave

It’s time for some tough love. We can always find a reason to blame the client when they decide to leave. They were looking to pay as little as possible, they had unreasonable expectations etc. – we’ve used them all. Here’s the tough love: when it comes to client retention, it’s usually our fault when… Read More

You Only Get Out What You Put In

At this year’s Rainmaker Companies SuperConference in Indianapolis, I had the privilege of leading the Friday morning Fun Run. At 6:30 on a warm, but thankfully overcast morning, 5 of us set off on a new course. Unfamiliar with the terrain and the pace of the group, I quickly assessed everyone’s comfort level, activated my… Read More

What Will A Good CIO Do For Your Practice?

What will a good CIO do for your Practice? Top 100 CPA firms already know the answer because this role has likely been defined and locked in place for many years. Small and mid-sized CPA firms are now asking this question. Why? They are merging and often doubling in size; the technology environment is complex… Read More

The Importance Of An Engagement Letter

Engagement letters for accounting firms, amelio, amelio software

These were actual responses given to questions on the MBA exam: Q: How are auditors engaged? A: The man buys the lady a ring and asks her to marry him. Sometimes he has to get her father’s permission first. Q: What is an engagement letter? A: When you propose by mail, but my father is… Read More