Top Challenges for Accounting Firms

As 2018 draws to a close, I started to research the challenges accounting firms have been facing. Here are the top 5 that continually came up: Winning the Talent War – This concern is not unique to accounting firms. Many professional service firms are facing the same issue. So  how do you win the war… Read More

The Top Process Issues for Accounting Firms

In a recent survey, CPA firms were asked what processes they would like to reduce or eliminate. Here’s what they said: Bottlenecks that slow things down (mentioned by 48 percent of respondents) Duplication of work (46 percent) Poor interaction between departments (39 percent) Difficulty locating needed documents (33 percent) Lack of business process visibility (27… Read More

Is There A Difference Between Workflow and Business Process Management?

  Many firms often use the terms Workflow and Business Process Management interchangeably. But are they? If you were to look on Wikidpedia, Business Process Management (BPM) is described as “a discipline in operations management in which people use various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, optimize, and automate business processes.  BPM focuses on improving corporate performance by… Read More

Halloween Costumes For Accountants

  With the October 15th deadline now a thing of the past, tax accountants everywhere are breathing a big sigh of relief! With Halloween only 2 weeks away, the timing could not be more perfect, especially if you happen to love Halloween as much as I do!  If you haven’t started to think about costume… Read More

To Merge Or Not To Merge: That Is The Question

Two firms of equal size decide to merge. The chemistry between the partners is good; there are synergies in the businesses; and both entities are profitable. What are we waiting for…let’s merge. Based on the above information, it would be easy to assume that the new, double in size firm, is going to be successful…. Read More

Employee Retention: How To Retain Your Top Talent

In today’s competitive market place, holding on to your employees is not always an easy task. Recruiters are constantly looking to take away your top talent, regardless if he or she is actively looking for a new position. The trick to employee retention is figuring out what motivates the individual to stay. The  old train… Read More