The Art Of Communication

A client blames your firm for something that was not in your control. A hard working and valuable employee is unhappy with you over something that doesn’t pertain directly to you or their work. What’s the best way to deal with these situations? The answer lies with 17th century French philosopher Blaise Pascal who develop… Read More

The Importance Of Being Social

In any given year there are several opportunities to attend accounting conferences. Is it necessary or even possible to attend all? Absolutely not. However, if you want to stay current, it would behoove you to choose a few that line-up with your firm’s vision and attend. Many use the excuse “I’m taking away from my… Read More

The Accountant of 2027

We are all curious as to how blockchain and AI will affect our Industry. Many speculate that it is the end of the Accounting Profession as we know it. However, that does not mean it is the end of being an accountant.  What will our profession look like? Click here, for an interesting prediction recently… Read More

The Top Challenges Accounting Firms Are Facing

With October 15th days away and the 2016 tax season just about in the books, I was planning on sharing something light, humorous and reflective for the tax accountants in much need of a break. Unfortunately, or fortunately, pending on who is reading this, after stumbling upon an article from Economia published earlier this year,… Read More

Is Your Tax Workflow Good or Good Enough?

A good tax workflow is easy to define: Collect all the data from your client needed to prepare the tax returns Take the client data along with the appropriate forms and worksheets and route to right team member(s) Prepare the returns Route the returns to the reviewer(s) Review the returns with your client and then… Read More

Blockchain, Big Data and Cognitive Computing…Oh My!

As accountants, we’ve been spending the last several years thinking about moving our systems to the cloud, developing a client friendly mobile app and building out our social media footprint. Fortunately or unfortunately, technology does not wait for us to catch up before moving forward. Now the buzz words are blockchain, big data and cognitive… Read More