AMELIO™ is a powerful, practical, adaptable workflow platform for managing compliance and business processes. Designed to provide greater efficiency, AMELIO makes it easy to streamline and automate your organizations forms and checklists.

With robust workflow capabilities to ensure that the right people are taking the right actions at the right time, AMELIO adds significant value to virtually any compliance or form-driven business process in any industry. AMELIO will enable your company to have complete control over the creation, dissemination, completion and review of all forms and checklists that are part of your business process.

When AMELIO is on the job, you’ll enjoy:

  • Efficiency—Forms are created and completed on-screen, saving paper and preventing any opportunity for any files to be misplaced. Digital storage allows for reporting and data mining.
  • Automation—AMELIO enables automatic population of redundant data (e.g., names, addresses, phone numbers) across any number of inter-related forms.  Based on how the forms are completed, they will be automatically routed to the appropriate person in your organization.
  • Responsiveness—If inputting data on one form requires the completion of additional forms or questions, AMELIO automatically brings additional forms or questions into the existing file.

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