Does Your Firm Add Value?

What do our client’s value? This question is at the core of every lean initiative. The idea is if you eliminate waste in your processes, your services will be more aligned to what your client’s value. The Accounting profession is currently facing increasing pressure from clients on fees. If you become commoditized in the mind… Read More

Is Business Process Management The Same As Workflow?

  Many firms often use the terms Workflow and Business Process Management interchangeably. But are they? If you were to look on Wikidpedia, Business Process Management (BPM) is described as “a discipline in operations management in which people use various methods to discover, model, analyze, measure, improve, optimize, and automate business processes.  BPM focuses on improving corporate performance by… Read More

The Benefits Good Workflow Can Deliver To Your Firm

What technology and tools do you use in your Practice? The response to this question is likely the same across most firms: Practice management software Tax software Audit software Excel and other Office Tools What these and the many other tools CPAs use in their Practice have in common is they focus primarily on specific… Read More

Build A Better Audit Today!

Many CPA firms want to move beyond the generic capabilities of off the shelf audit methodologies. As the market become more competitive and the need to drive efficiencies more acute, these solutions fall well short of delivering the value in two key areas: Despite being off the shelf, these solutions lack the capabilities to create… Read More

You Only Get Out What You Put In

At this year’s Rainmaker Companies SuperConference in Indianapolis, I had the privilege of leading the Friday morning Fun Run. At 6:30 on a warm, but thankfully overcast morning, 5 of us set off on a new course. Unfamiliar with the terrain and the pace of the group, I quickly assessed everyone’s comfort level, activated my… Read More

The Importance Of An Engagement Letter

Engagement letters for accounting firms, amelio, amelio software

These were actual responses given to questions on the MBA exam: Q: How are auditors engaged? A: The man buys the lady a ring and asks her to marry him. Sometimes he has to get her father’s permission first. Q: What is an engagement letter? A: When you propose by mail, but my father is… Read More