Transitioning From Summer Mode To Work Mode

You’re staring at an inbox full of emails, a calendar full of appointments and you see that daunting blinking red light on your phone. Your heart starts racing and you quickly wish you were in your backyard enjoying a nice summer evening BBQ. However, it’s 10am on a weekday, your kids are back at school… Read More

You Only Get Out What You Put In

At this year’s Rainmaker Companies SuperConference in Indianapolis, I had the privilege of leading the Friday morning Fun Run. At 6:30 on a warm, but thankfully overcast morning, 5 of us set off on a new course. Unfamiliar with the terrain and the pace of the group, I quickly assessed everyone’s comfort level, activated my… Read More

The Value Of Being Social

In any given year there are several opportunities to attend accounting conferences. Is it necessary or even possible to attend all? Absolutely not. However, if you want to stay current, it would behoove you to choose a few that line-up with your firm’s vision and attend. Many use the excuse “I’m taking away from my… Read More

Signs That Your Firm Has Outgrown Its Accounting Software

While all accounting firms continually look to grow their business, the infrastructure to support this growth is usually one-step behind. Below are six tell tale signs that your firm has outgrown its accounting software… 1. You have too many workarounds. If you are setting up new workarounds whenever you have a new business demand, or… Read More

How Is Your Firm Trending?

Conversely to what the weather is showing us, Spring really is around the corner, which means we are almost one-quarter in to 2018.  At the close of the first quarter, it’s commonplace to do a quick review to see how the year is stacking up, knowing that there is still enough time to get all… Read More

How Does The Weather Affect Our Economy?

While many in the Northeast are still picking up the pieces from the Nor’easter that came our way last Friday, we are already in “prepare” mode for what seems to be another rather large snowstorm heading our way. For many families, the costs incurred due to winter storms are easy to jot down: new freezer… Read More