Some Ideas For CPAs During The Off Season

In today’s CPA landscape, it is safe to say that there is always work to be done. The connotation of the “Busy Season” does not necessarily hold the same weight as it did in year’s past. With the addition of consulting work and financial advising, the breakdown of work throughout the year is pretty consistent…. Read More

To Merge Or Not To Merge: That Is The Question

Two firms of equal size decide to merge. The chemistry between the partners is good; there are synergies in the businesses; and both entities are profitable. What are we waiting for…let’s merge. Based on the above information, it would be easy to assume that the new, double in size firm, is going to be successful…. Read More

Do You Want To Be The Walmart Of CPA Firms?

The answer to this question is not as easy as it may seem on the surface. If your initial reaction is “absolutely” then you are likely thinking of Walmart as being the 800-pound gorilla in their space. They have an exceptional national footprint; they are a household name, and customers return to buy more from… Read More

What Is Your Firm’s Story?

  How would you answer these questions: Tell me about your firm What makes you different? Why do client’s come to your firm? What value do they get from your services? It would not be surprising if you struggled a little to come up with your answers. CPA firms, particularly small and mid sized, tend… Read More

Is Your CPA Firm Leaking Profits?

Tax season is in full swing. For many CPA firms this is a critical time of year from a revenue and profitability standpoint. Most firm will call their tax season a success if they have happy clients and no A/R issues once the work is complete. There is a third leg to this stool –… Read More