Accountant Turned NHL Secret Weapon!?!

A friend of mine, who also happens to be the Managing Partner of a very successful mid-town CPA firm often says  “It is a well known fact that it is difficult to get anything past an accountant.”

Less than two weeks ago, Scott Foster, an accountant turned NHL secret weapon, proved that to be true both in the office and on the ice!  In the 3rd period of the Chicago Blackhawks v Winnipeg Jets game, after the Blackhawks fill-in goalie Collin Delia left the game due to cramping, Scott Foster put his helmet on and took the ice.

To the excitement of his rec-league teammates and accountants everywhere, Foster crushed it! In over 14 minutes of NHL hockey,  he stopped seven attempts from the Jets to score, allowing the Blackhawks to come away with a 6-2 victory.  With his 1.000 save percentage, Foster was named the player of the game and was given the team belt.

Upon waking up the next day, did Scott quit his day job and commit to full-time NHL aspirations? Nope! He didn’t even take the day off.  He woke up, got dressed and headed off to work.

As Scott said upon being interviewed after the game, “This is something that no one can ever take away from me. It’s something that I can go home and tell my kids and they can tell their friends. … Just a ton of fun.”

With the memory of the crowd cheering “Foster! Foster”, Scott is now back to the grind and doing what every other accountant will be doing for the next week…crushing the last days of the 2017 Tax Season!