What Do Accountants and Triathletes Have In Common?

On August 20th Gwen Jorgensen will take on the world’s best female triathletes as she goes for the gold in Rio. Prior to her rise to top ranked triathlete, Jorgensen was a Tax Accountant at Ernst & Young. I’m sure many are asking the question “How does that happen?”

As someone who is currently training for my first triathlon and who has also been immersed in the Accounting world since I was little and overheard my dad speaking of debits and credits often enough that many were surprised neither was my first word, I can honestly tell you there are several similarities. Here are the two that resonate the most:

1. Preparation Is Key To Success: Without a proper training plan there is no way one can successfully complete a triathlon. The same goes for Tax and Audit – if your process isn’t laid out properly, fire drills and bottlenecks will hinder your ability to hit your deadlines.

2. It’s All About the Transition: You may be able to swim, bike, or run…but can you successfully marry the three together? The same thought process applies to the Accounting world. Does your firm do Tax and Audit…but can you successfully integrate your systems?

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