The Top Challenges Accounting Firms Are Facing

trust and computers

With October 15th days away and the 2016 tax season just about in the books, I was planning on sharing something light, humorous and reflective for the tax accountants in much need of a break. Unfortunately, or fortunately, pending on who is reading this, after stumbling upon an article from Economia published earlier this year, my plans changed.

As usual, in the beginning of any given year, trends are shared and challenges are speculated. In this article Hywel Ball, EY’s managing partner of assurance in UK and Ireland, was spot-on as he spoke to what he saw unfolding as the top challenges accountants are facing throughout the world in 2017 – blockchain, data analytics and robotic process automation; staying relevant and trusted in the accounting profession; and our shifting geopolitical landscape.

So why do I feel the need to re-post an article speculating about 2017, when 2018 is just months away? Because much of what Hywel addressed in his article, is going to continue to affect us for several years to come.  Happy reading!