The Amelio Story

Who We Are

“We are a technology company with extraordinary domain expertise in audit and tax processes based on our CPA heritage. We also possess exceptional technical and process automation / management expertise from our years of IT consulting work partnering with other CPA firms. This unique combination of core competencies allowed us to develop a truly breakthrough product called Amelio.”

What is Amelio?

“Amelio takes the disjointed, people dependent processes and siloed out technologies common to audit and tax and makes them more automated, more compliant, and more relevant to the firm.”

How we do it

“Amelio is a superior, sophisticated piece of technology – but technology alone is never enough. We also have a comprehensive understanding of audit and tax processes based on decades of work with our own clients and the consulting work we have done with other CPA firms. This combination of technical excellence and subject matter expertise allows us to deliver impactful solutions to our clients – every time.”