Why Amelio?

From Complexity to Compliance: Your Complete Workflow Solution to Manage, Monitor and Control Complex Forms and Checklists.

For organizations with highly regulated business processes, checklists have become the engine of governance and compliance. And while step-by-step lists may sound simple, managing such lists is often complex and time consuming.

With chameleon-like flexibility, AMELIO™ is a powerful solution, purpose-built to streamline, automate, and improve the way organizations manage compliance-related forms and checklists. The workflow platform can be quickly and easily tailored for virtually any industry and any form-driven compliance or business process—from rigorous, complex processes such as public accounting audits to everyday routine processes in any business environment.

AMELIO helps organizations improve risk management by:

  • Using sophisticated, logic-driven workflow functionality to ensure that the right forms are completed and the right data is entered by the right people at the right time
  • Creating a centralized digital environment for the storage of all forms and data entered in the form completion process
  • Saving time for end users by prepopulating redundant data
  • Enabling appropriate access and control over data—even at the form level
  • Providing a complete accountability trail

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