It’s Almost 2018…Do Your Clients View You As A Trusted Advisor Yet?

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If you were to Google “Top Accounting Trends”, becoming your clients trusted advisor would be mentioned several times over. In our current world of automation and AI, the reasoning behind the shift is apparent. How to go about making that shift may not be as cut and dry.

Becoming your client’s trusted advisor is not the same as being his/her tax preparer or expert consultant. As a trusted advisor, your focus is no longer on the job or work that needs to be done. It evolves in to a transparent approach that is collaborative and most importantly, client-focused.  Many of us may think of ourselves as trusted advisors, however it is important to note that only your clients can award you that title.

So what does it take to become a trusted advisor in the eyes of your client? Below is a list I have compiled of some of the key qualities that are necessary on your road to becoming a trusted advisor:

1. Be genuine.

2. Be reliable.

3. Put your client’s needs in front of your own.

4. Listen carefully and often.

5. Help your client separate logic from emotion.

6. Focus on the problem, not the sale.

7. Be in it for the long-term relationship, not the short-term gain or end of quarter quota.

8. Work to understand your clients interests, not just their wants.

9. Connect emotionally with your client.