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Does Your Engagement Letter Generation Process Leave You Wanting For More?

We all know that Engagement Letters are necessary for properly outlining the scope of work, cost, the expectations of your client and your firm, and the time to completion. Unfortunately creating and executing the letter has become a burden for many CPA firms.

When asked, the following list of concerns continually up:

  1. Updating or making a change to my template is a cumbersome process.
  2. We have so many different versions of our engagement letter, I never know which one I should be using.
  3. Once I send out the letter to my client, I usually forget about it, so I can’t confirm if it was sent back.
  4. More often than not, I start the work, without a signed and executed engagement letter, since our process is not automatic and/or simple.

If any of these concerns have been vocalized by you or your staff, do not worry, a solution has arrived…check out more in our recently updated Engagement Letter Generation Process page on our website.