How Is Your Firm Celebrating The End Of Tax Season?

After many weeks of long hours, it is just about time to close the books on the 2018 Busy Season, take a much-needed deep breath and celebrate.

If your firm is still trying to figure out a way to express its gratitude toward all of the hard work that your staff has tirelessly dedicated, here are a few ideas…

  1. Plan A Day Outing: After spending so much time in the office, getting away from the office is probably a great idea. Plan a team outing to an aquarium, museum, zoo, arcade, or a ball game.
  2. Plan A Night Out: An off-site dinner or happy hour is always a hit. Finding a themed restaurant (i.e. karaoke or line dancing) can definitely add to the fun!
  3. Give Everyone An Extra Day Off: Yes, we all have our allotted vacation days, but sometimes an extra day off, preferably a Monday or a Friday, is just what is needed to get re-energized!
  4. A Gift Card Grab Bag: Just like at during the Holidays! Throw a bunch of gift cards in a bag and let your employees take a pick.
  5. Bring The Fun To The Office: If getting out of the office isn’t possible, then bring some fun to the office. Have a food truck and an ice cream truck set-up shop for a few hours outside your office. Bring in some masseuses, manicurists and estheticians and offer massages, facials and manicures to your staff.
  6. Say Thank You: The words “Thank You” are much more powerful and underused than you think and they go a very long way!

Wishing everyone an easy end to Tax Season and a much deserved celebration after!