Key Features

AMELIO™’s dynamic and intuitive workflow platform provides speed, efficiency, and accountability to your business forms, checklists and processes.

Design & Build Forms and Questionnaires

  • Group related forms into a dedicated central template for any of your organization’s projects or engagements
  • There’s no programming or complex code to learn; any staff member can create forms due to AMELIO’s easy-to-use, point and click functionality
  • Built-in logic automatically adjusts the content to your specific needs; hide other forms that do not apply
  • Appropriate forms related to your project will be presented to you in real time, based on the data you have entered
  • Tailor questions according to your specific needs

Create and Manage Projects

  • Determine which users may access the project, and allow those users to add, modify, or delete questions
  • Access the project’s forms either online or offline at any time
  • Annotate questions with comments, tick marks, or attachments that may support the answers
  • Any changes to the forms are clearly identified allowing you to compare forms and accept or reject changes
  • With AMELIO’s Project Explorer, easily view completion and sign-off status of all questions
  • Redundant data entry is eliminated due to the ability to link answers between projects; users can view relevant questions that were already answered elsewhere
  • Appropriate questions related to your project will be presented to you in real time, based on how other questions have been answered

Review, Finalize and Generate Reports

  • View a real-time status report of any program or checklists
  • Review what percentage of forms has been completed at a glance with drill-down functionality and sorting
  • Generate a PDF of your questionnaire at any stage of the form or questionnaire building process
  • Comments, sign-offs, and other information are included in your report and can be customized according to your unique needs
  • Mine data across all projects to see trends and gain insight to help you improve your process

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