Amelio for Large CPA Firms

As CPA firms grow, either through acquisition or organically, it becomes increasing difficult to maintain visibility and control over audit and tax processes. To scale and grow profitability better automation, better controls and more meaningful reporting and data are critical.


  • Control every step of your workflow
  • Content management capabilities
  • Reporting across engagements
  • Visibility and insight into audit procedures
  • Real time updates to audit procedures and documents
  • Risk profile reporting across entire firm
  • Built in integrations and open APIs
  • Cloud or on premise


  • Insight to improve audit procedures
  • Visibility into staff and methodology
  • Control over roll forwards, engagement letters etc.
  • Institutional knowledge remains with firm
  • Integration engine simplifies technology footprint
  • Simplify peer review
  • Reduce risk / Improve compliance
  • Review content for internal inspection

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