Game Of Tax: Winter Is Coming!

    Game of Thrones fans get the reference. For those who have not seen the HBO hit, the phrase, usually accompanied by ominous music, is the motto of House Stark – one of the ruling families in the series. They use it as a reminder that hard days are coming and you must prepare…. Read More

Mr. Spock Hates Your Tax And Audit Workflow!!!

Mr. Spock is one of the most beloved characters in science fiction. Over the past 50 years generations of people worldwide have been introduced, and become huge fans of the half human – half Vulcan. Spock is famous for questioning the dating habits of Captain James Kirk and his ability to irritate Dr. Bones McCoy…. Read More

Is Your Institutional Knowledge at Risk?

With the Baby Boomer generation looking to retire within the next five to ten years retaining experience and knowledge should be a top priority for every firm. The article below is great launch pad as to how your firm can actively retain its institutional knowledge before it walks out the door…

Summer Technology Tips For Accountants – Part 2

Now that tax season is over there is one question every partner should ask their team: How did your technology work for you this tax season? The beauty of finishing tax season (excluding the inevitable extensions which we discuss in another post) is you have clear visibility into how everything worked – the successes and… Read More

Musical Advice For Niche Accounting Firms

Paul Anka wrote it. Frank Sinatra sang it. Jon Bon Jovi quoted it. The song, of course, is My Way – and niche accounting firms should take the song’s words and sentiment to heart. Niche firms, by definition, specialize. They build subject matter expertise in a specific area or industry and leverage that knowledge to… Read More

As CPA Firms Continue To Merge, Is Your Business At Risk?

The CPA market is becoming more dynamic every day. The merger and acquisition activity is all about scaling, adding services, and creating synergies. Niche firms are growing their core and adding additional specialties. Local firms are becoming regional. There’s good news and bad news in this trend: The good news is the larger firms can… Read More

Do You Have A Rising Star In Your Firm?

A few weeks ago we spoke about talent retention and how to keep your employees, who are not on the track to Partner, happy. Today, we switch gears and learn about what we should do when Partner is the clear track for one of your employees.

Building a Marketing Strategy For Your Niche Firm

  You’ve relied on your network and reputation to establish and grow your business. But revenues have flat-lined and growth has slowed to a stop. In addition, other firms in your area have merged and have aggressively started marketing efforts to find new clients – your clients. Niche firms are in a tough spot today…. Read More

The Key To Talent Retention

  The research has been done and only 2% of accountants entering CPA firms will actually make it to partner. What should accounting firms do to retain talent and insure the remaining 98% are satisfied with his/her career path?