A-Rod Says Goodbye

On August 12, 2016, Alex Rodriguez played his last game in Yankee pinstripes. Several days earlier it was announced that A-Rod would no longer be with the team in a playing capacity and that starting on August 13 he would be become a special advisor to the Yanks working on the development of younger players…. Read More

Is Your Institutional Knowledge at Risk?

With the Baby Boomer generation looking to retire within the next five to ten years retaining experience and knowledge should be a top priority for every firm. The article below is great launch pad as to how your firm can actively retain its institutional knowledge before it walks out the door… http://www.theonebrief.com/how-to-keep-hold-of-your-institutional-knowledge/

Musical Advice For Niche Accounting Firms

Paul Anka wrote it. Frank Sinatra sang it. Jon Bon Jovi quoted it. The song, of course, is My Way – and niche accounting firms should take the song’s words and sentiment to heart. Niche firms, by definition, specialize. They build subject matter expertise in a specific area or industry and leverage that knowledge to… Read More