What Advice Would Ben Franklin Give His Accountant Prior To Tax Season?

We’ve all heard the expression “don’t put off tomorrow what you can do today.” A great idea from a man known for his great ideas – the quintessential American patriot – Ben Franklin. Here’s another one from Ben: “You may delay, but time may not, and lost time is never found again.

This time of year, many CPAs have the luxury of time. There are fewer deadline pressures and work is often more evenly distributed. Come January, all that changes. The tax work begins to pile up and the milestones and deadlines are very real.

CPAs should follow the advice of Ben Franklin and take action today that will help reduce some of the pressures and workload when tax season arrives.

Here is some wisdom Ben might offer to CPAs:

  1. Get started working on your client roll forwards
  2. Send reminders to your clients about relevant actions related to tax season
  3. Send information requests to your clients
  4. Tee up your engagement letters
  5. Commit to finding 3 ways to improve your tax process over last year

A better 2016 tax season for your firm can start today. All it takes is commitment – and a little help from your friends.