The 2019 Tax Season Is Finally Over!!

This year was unlike any other Tax Season! Between the COVID-19 extension, combined with many of us working from home, the 2019 Tax Season was challenging in ways we could have never anticipated.

With that it mind, before putting the season behind you, take a moment to reflect on the following key questions:

  1. What went well and smoothly this season?
  2. What gave you the biggest headache and needs improvement?
  3. How did your technology help/hinder the tax preparation process & what were some issues or improvements that can be made?
  4. What challenges did working from home present to your firm?
  5. What benefits did working from home present to your firm?

Jot down some notes and take the time to internally address the issues. Then put the necessary steps in place to make sure that come this time next year, the past has not just repeated itself.