What Will A Good CIO Do For Your Practice?

What will a good CIO do for your Practice? Top 100 CPA firms already know the answer because this role has likely been defined and locked in place for many years.

Small and mid-sized CPA firms are now asking this question. Why? They are merging and often doubling in size; the technology environment is complex and growing rapidly and there is a need to become more competitive.

The days of a group of Partners or the “tech savvy” Partner making the IT decisions and then handing it off to an IT manager are coming to an end. Technology has a huge impact on the efficiency and effectiveness of the firm. The hard truth is Partners, even tech savvy ones, don’t have the time to keep up with the rapidly changing technology and accounting industries.

A good CIO should help your firm grow. Here’s how:

  • First, it will take the administration and management of IT off the plates of the Partners. If you have someone in the role whom you can trust, then you are freed up to focus on other areas of the firm that can help drive business growth.
  • Next, a good CIO will position your firm for growth. Architecting scalable systems is not easy. Supporting the IT needs of 50 people is dramatically different than supporting 150 people. A good CIO will understand the needs of the environment and put systems and processes in place to optimize it.

A CIO can be – and should be – a valuable contributing member of your Executive team. It’s no longer about keeping the lights on and machines running. It’s about bringing innovation and efficiency that drive the next level of growth for your firm.