Why Your CIO Needs a Seat at the Executive Table

In the past, I’ve written about the benefits that a good CIO can bring to your accounting firm, however just having a “CIO” isn’t enough.

Between the cloud, mobile accounting and the development of specialized software, the landscape of accounting has changed significantly over the last 5 years. With the introduction of AI, Big Data, and Blockchain, there isn’t any doubt that landscape is going to continue to shift.

The Era of Digital Transformation is upon us.  In order to make it successful, we need to embrace it, along with the role of the CIO, which is no longer just managing your technology footprint.  It’s creating business value through experience and judgement. Just as technology has changed, so have our clients’ expectations.  It’s become critical that your CIO and IT department play a role to insure that your client is satisfied throughout every touch point of their experience.

Now is the time to up the game  and give your CIO a seat at the Executive Table!

For more insight into why this is necessary, here is a recent article from L. Gary Boomer that puts it in perspective.