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From Workflow Automation to Business Process Management

Amelio, founded in 2009, is a pioneering technology in the accounting profession and an example of what a next generation workflow can offer. Focused on business process management, Amelio provides a flexible and scalable hosted-or on-premise-workflow solution that allows you to leverage your unique processes and showcase your firm’s experience.

Amelio is easy to deploy and does not require any additional investment in a technology expert. Templates and workflows are simple to create, ensuring the subject matter experts are able to create and monitor processes without deep knowledge of the underlying technology.

A next-generation, business process management solution with the following capabilities:

Logic Driven

Amelio allows logic to be built into the process. This will intelligently open, close and assign roles and tasks based on the rules of the firm. This ensures the right person is involved in the engagement at the appropriate time, resulting in better control, management and visibility of your firm’s work.

Live Updates

Amelio has a unique and proprietary ability to allow you to seamlessly or automatically push changes to rules, role assignments, forms or tasks, without disrupting the current work. This results in everyone following the same process regardless of when the engagement is started or when the updates are made. Version control becomes a non-issue.

Seamless Integration

To be fully leveraged, your workflow system must be the operational hub of all processes. Amelio’s integrations and open APIs allow your firm to easily integrate with any other system that you use, accounting or otherwise. This capability results in a seamless process for your users leading to more efficiency, few ererrors and more time spent on nurturing the client relationship and opportunity.

Open, Powerful Reporting System

When your business process management software is connected to all of your systems, all of your data will be captured in one system. With Amelio, anyone in your firm can easily generate any report, resulting in easier identification of bottlenecks and which resources you are lacking and allowing for continuous and measurable improvement.

Amelio. One Platform. Countless Processes. Complete Control.

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