Press Releases

  1. Amelio® by HKMP Technologies Invited to Join the Information Technology Alliance (ITA) Read the Full Press Release

  2. Clark Nuber Deploys HKMP Technologies’ Amelio to Streamline Information Gathering for the Preparation of IRS Form 990 Read the Full Press Release
  3. Mayer Hoffman McCann Deploys New Technology to Reinvent Audit Methodology Management. Read the full press release.
  4. Amelio, an HKMP Technologies Product, Selected for New AICPA Interactive Tax Checklists. Read the full press release.


To understand more about how Amelio came to be and what the benefits are for the firms that are currently using or Amelio or looking to, please take a look at our recent Podcast series we put together with AGN:

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Podcast 2: The Anatomy Of Amelio

Podcast 3: The Advantages and Case Studies Of Amelio


To learn more about what Amelio can do for your Engagement Letter Generation Process, please take a look our recent webinar with AGN

For more of a broad scope understanding of Amelio, please check out our recent Boomer Consulting Webinar

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