Amelio for Niche CPA Firms

Niche CPA firms rely on their agility and domain expertise to build and maintain lasting relationships with their clients. Technology can be a competitive differentiator if it streamlines and standardizes processes while delivering effective controls.


  • Control over all audit content
  • Rules-driven, logic based forms
  • Custom checklists
  • Automated roll forwards and engagement letters
  • Standardized processes
  • Easy content management and real time updating
  • User defined workflow
  • Risk profile reporting
  • Cloud or on premise


  • Single platform to manage your process
  • Simplify writing and updating your content
  • Eliminate “under audit” risk
  • Standardize your procedures
  • Eliminate Word docs and Excel spreadsheets
  • Visibility and control over all audit processes
  • Reduce risk / Increase compliance
  • Control over roll forwards, engagement letters etc.

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