The Benefits of Logic Driven Workflow

Workflow helps us streamline our business processes by automating the routing and approval of documents. It works great if all the steps are sequential and relationships are 1:1. However, if the 1:1 relationship is broken – for example when financial statements need a second review – linear workflow cannot help. That’s where the benefits of logic driven workflow come in to play.

Amelio utilizes intelligent workflow that easily adapts to the precise steps in your Tax, Audit, On-boarding/Acceptance and/or Engagement Letter process. Amelio offers a toolset to let clients easily build logic-driven checklists and forms by setting up questions that can take the shape of drop-downs, checklists, comment fields and more. Depending on how the preparer answers a given question during the auditing process, relevant questions appear in the checklist or on the form while irrelevant ones disappear. Plus, questions can be added on the fly. As these questions are added, they’re captured and integrated into the checklist or form.

Although Amelio was developed specifically for accounting firms with specializations, it can be used for any
logic-driven, workflow process.

Logic-driven process: Determine your own questions, tasks and logic, so there’s less time wasted and less worrying about compliance.

Powerful Controls: Manage which employees can modify various parts of the program or steps in the audit process.

Role-Based Task Assignments: Assign tasks to an individual or a group so no item is overlooked or duplicated.

Notifications: Stay on time and on track by keeping important tasks top of mind.

Due Dates: Manage project milestones and meet deadlines by never missing a due date.

Open Application Programming Interface (API): Seamlessly integrate Amelio with other applications, including engagement management, practice management, CRM and your own proprietary systems.

Reporting Capabilities: Identify trends and anomalies by generating reports that can include any answer, sign-off or engagement.

Security and Efficiency: Lock down checklists and forms in PDF format after the audit is complete and roll them over from year to year.

Cloud or On-Premise Options: Get instant access whether at the office or in the field.

Engagement Upgrade: Upgrade your engagement to the latest version of the template without losing your work. Insert new questions into completed or partially completed forms without losing valuable audit time.

Collaboration With External Users: Reduce your auditors’ workload by sending sections of an engagement to the client ahead of time so they can complete them online.